Benefits of Perth Float Tank Therapy During Pregnancy

April 19, 2018

Benefits of floating during pregnancy NEW FLOAT TANK THERAPY IN PERTH DURING PREGNANCY For many Perth women, pregnancy is an exciting and beautiful time, but for some mums-to-be who aren’t experiencing the telltale pregnancy ‘glow’, it can be super uncomfortable and even stressful, especially in the last trimester. We see so many beautiful mums-to-be pass […]

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Float away together this Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

Float away together this Valentine’s Day.  Oh it’s that time of year again, the roses, the diamonds, the romantic dinners for two. While we’re not adverse to a little romance here at Becalmed Float and Recovery Studio (we’re actually quite the fans), we believe we have something to take your Valentine’s date to the next […]

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Floating what is the fuss about?

September 12, 2017

Floating what is the fuss about?  – The origins of Becalmed Float.  Welcome to the world of floating. Floating is many things to many people, “much ado about nothing”. I am a passionate person by nature some say I suffer from A.D.D. But never before has something inspired me that I felt compelled to stand […]

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  • Relax the Mind

    We live in a fast-paced, wired world, which means our minds don’t disconnect as often and as deeply as they should. Sensory deprivation tanks are great for resetting tired, cluttered minds.

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  • Restore the Body

    Floating is used by many as a form of physical therapy to support and enhance recovery from a range of ailments. Discover some of the physical benefits of floatation.

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  • Reinvigorate the Soul

    Life isn’t just tough on our bodies and brains — it can take its toll on our emotional wellbeing too. Learn how isolation tanks can help get you back on track. Described as one of the most relaxing experiences on earth, float therapy is for the mind, body and soul. But don’t take our word for it — find out for yourself at Perth’s most relaxing and luxurious floatation studio.

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