Before You Float

Eating and Drinking

Eating: To achieve the full benefits of your float, avoid eating for 1.5 to 2 hours prior. Drinking: A hydrated body is a healthy body. For optimal benefits stay hydrated before your float, but beware of excessive fluid consumption just prior to your float so you don’t have to disrupt your session for bathroom breaks.


Immediately after exposure to nicotine, smokers experience a “kick” as the drug stimulates the adrenal glands and discharges adrenaline. We advise you avoid smoking just prior to your float to prevent stimulating your mind too much. If you’re trying to quit smoking, perhaps a session in the tank may even suppress your cravings!


Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. In moderate doses it can increase alertness, cause insomnia, headaches, nervousness and even dizziness. For maximum benefits from your float you want your mind and body to be at its most relaxed, so avoid caffine if possible for 3 hours before your float.


For your comfort, avoid shaving your face for 6 hours and your body for 12 hours before you float, as the Epsom Salts will sting any cuts or scratches. Vaseline is provided to cover and prevent stinging on any cuts or lesions you find when you arrive.


To avoid any accidents in the tank, we advise you go to the toilet on arrival, prior to your float – even if you don’t feel the need to go. Having to get out of the tank to “answer nature’s call” can be very disruptive to your float experience.


If you’re a first time floater, you may consider doing some thinking and research around: breathing; float positions; letting go; stillness; and sensitivity. Our staff are happy to provide advice and guidance when you arrive – so if you’re unsure, please ask!

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